Isam Sarama

"As a Palestinian, standing alongside Jewish brothers and sisters expresses an important message, that peace is possible. We are thankful to have been welcomed into the Christian congregation. Furthermore, hearing the minister speak of peace is a breath of fresh air and admirable."

Dina Portnoy

"I spent a Sunday morning at Bright Hope Baptist Church. The opportunity to be in a small group of Jewish Americans and Palestinians standing for peace outside of the church was a wonderful experience, offering a chance to really get to know each other. The church invited us in, the pastor prayed for peace, talked about the willingness to mourn ALL victims, and invited two of us to speak. I  felt so very welcomed and appreciated by the entire congregation."

Rabbi Mordechai Liebling

"Standing with Palestinians and calling on people to pray for peace was an uplifting experience. In these moments solidarity with people of faith is particularly powerful."

Samuel Kuttab

"As a Palestinian American Christian I always believed in the power of prayer. Seeing the devastation and loss of innocent lives of Palestinians and Israelis, I had to stand up and say this is wrong. With Jews and Muslims standing alongside and asking people of faith to say enough is enough is meaningful. End the occupation."

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